Technical Solution Design is the first step in designing the physical deployment of your solution. This phase of your project enables you to:

  • Obtain a deployment plan for your specific environment that will accelerate the deployment and integration of your solution
  • Mitigate risks by leveraging the technical expertise of Greenbuckett’s Solution Architects to identify interdependencies before you deploy your solution
  • Save time and money, by reducing the time it takes to get your solution into operation.

Our team provides customers with effective solutions and ensure these solutions are scalable and adaptable for the future. We understand that you are looking for technology solutions that is not just cost effective, but are adaptable and in tune with your existing environment, business processes and staff requirements at all levels.

Greenbuckett Solution Design Service is delivered in four phases:

Phase 1: Discussion & Discovery
We start with an open discussion with your stakeholders and teams. This will enable us to be fully abreast with your current environment in order to understand your needs and requirements.
All requirements are documented so our Solution Architects can liaise with our implementation and support engineering teams to gain a wider view on the overall project.

Phase 2: Analysis
We analyse the various technical aspects of the design so your solution integrates smoothly into the environment, ensuring an optimal end-user experience

Phase 3: Review
We present our findings and initial technical recommendations for deployment, which we will base on your requirements

Phase 4: Design Documentation
We produce a technical document that provide you with a clear understanding of the Solution Design that is being proposed by us.
The documentation will clearly detail any equipment that is being provided and advise on any other considerations or expectations.