15 Things You Need to Know About Office 365

  1.  In the cloud. Microsoft Office 365 is “in the cloud” from two perspectives. First, buying the suite necessarily requires downloading it, which is to say, you can’t buy it on a disc (the exception being in developing countries, where Microsoft will continue to sell discs). Second, the office suite itself is set up to save your documents to the cloud, SkyDrive in this case, if you so choose. You do still have the option to save files locally, but the apps integrate tightly with SkyDrive.
  2.  Price and subscription model. Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium is now being sold in the subscription model, billed annually for an entire household to install (more details below). Some of the other versions of the suite are sold as a “perpetual” license, meaning one copy of the software is licensed to only one machine, but that license is good for life
  3. License good for five devices. Paying a subscription fee for Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium does have one huge advantage: You can install Office on up to five devices, and these can include both Windows machines and Macs. Microsoft says you’ll be able to install the suite on additional, select mobile devices “when available,” which is a cryptic way of not promising apps for the big two mobile OSes, while still dangling the carrot.
  4. Apps included. The Home Premium version of Office includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, OneNote, and Access.
  5. OneDrive gives you 1TB of online storage: With Office 365, you have the perfect place to store all your personal files. From photographs, movies, official documents, etc. All your files will be stored in the cloud, which means that you’ll be able to access them anytime and anywhere.

Other Cool Features that comes with Office 365

Office 365 is much, much more than just email; you get additional applications with a professional Office 365 subscription. For businesses, driving productivity and collaboration is becoming an essential must have tool to make working easier and more efficient for every single employe

  • Microsoft Planner: Microsoft Planner allows you to manage projects by creating a plan, adding your team, assigning tasks and updating the status. This great organisation tool can be utilised in four easy steps to help you keep track of what’s going on in various team projects: Perfect for the busy manager who needs to manage their team efficiently and easily, Microsoft Planner will do all the organising.
  • Resume Reading feature in Word: We’ve all received those long documents in Word, page after page; it doesn’t stop. Yet you really do need to read it, but being strapped for time makes it difficult to set time aside to plough through 70 pages. With the Resume Reading feature in Office 365, forget setting aside over an hour to read it. Drop in and out of the document as and when and pick up straight from where you left off… on any device. Easy and convenient.
  • Make really awesome presentations in Sway: Don’t be stubborn. It’s time to move away from PowerPoint for just a second because Sway is absolutely awesome for presentations, newsletters and even press releases. Smart, polished templates allow any employee to create designer standard materials, ensuring that information is displayed in a manner that will hold attention, be easy to digest and also look great. What’s not to love?
  • Yammer; One virtual location: Yammer is another application that makes work life easy – especially as many employees are mobile or remote workers, or on business trips a lot of the time. It’s essentially one virtual location where employees can share, talk and follow each other’s activities – a work based social media site, if you like. Yet Yammer is more than just a social site for businesses. It’s integrated with Outlook, Skype for Business and One Drive for Business so that you can tune in and join video conferences, schedule appointments and meetings and create collaborative documents. For large enterprises, this is especially useful if employees are based in different locations around the country. Don’t worry about travel – use the cloud to your full advantage and have Yammer as your virtual location accessible for everyone.
  • Spend less time writing emails: Leaves desk to go to meeting. Returns to desk one hour later. Checks inbox; 50 emails*

Ok, busy workers, here’s another productivity update of Outlook that was rolled out in June. Email templates! With this new feature, you can now spend less time writing emails and more time doing the stuff you need to do. Simply select the email message you want to use as a template. Select File > Save As Template. Give it name; Monthly Update, for example. Choose where to save it and it’s done. Easy!

  • Look stuff up in Word: If you’re ever reading a Word document and are not sure what particular words mean, then you can highlight the word, right click, select Smart Lookup and to the right of your screen, Microsoft word will bring up definitions pulled from the internet.
  • Forget email attachments: Gone are the days where we attach files to emails. Yup – no more issues with file size limits! Upload all your documents to Office 365’s cloud storage and copy and paste the link to the file on your cloud into your email. Outlook will then grant edit permissions to the recipients – but you can change these at any time.
  • Editing and Converting documents is as easy as ever: If you’ve finished creating and editing your document, publication or spreadsheet, you can convert these files to a PDF quickly and easily with the save as PDF feature. But, what happens if you need to edit a PDF? You can simply save the PDF as a Word document without any of the bizarre formatting issues that came with the classic ctrl C, ctrl V!W
  • Word Editor; your personal writing assistant: If writing is not your strong point, Microsoft Word now has a new amazing feature called Editor. Editor is a Cloud powered intelligent service that now does a lot more than just highlighting a typo; it helps with grammar, spelling and also assists with writing styles. It can even provide alternate suggestions for writing context as it uses machine learning and natural language processing… We know, what?! All you need to know is that it’s seriously helpful and aids in productivity as well as producing better results.
  • Real time editing – Word, PowerPoint & Excel: As applications in the Cloud are accessible by users in different locations, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint & Excel now have a real time editing feature. This means that you and fellow colleagues can co-author documents, working on them in real time so that you can see changes as they happen.
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